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Handmade magical artisan jewellery. These unique Jewellery are inspired by magical northern nature and mythology. There is a story or a poem behind each piece of elegant unique silver jewellery designed and handmade by artisans of Story Jewellery.


Finns are an ancient forest people.

Modern people’s relationship with trees and the forest thus originates from far in our history. The lord of the forest is Tapio, who also rules over its animals. He governs the success of hunts and tends to the trees.

The forest was spoken to as a living being and it was considered safe, reliable and friendly, but also fearsome and threatening. A part of each animal caught was offered to Tapio, and a flat-topped spruce was called Tapio’s table. It was important to make sure that people’s actions did not hurt the life of the forest.

  • Material: tarnished silver 925
  • Dimensions: 2.5 cm, chain length 42 cm
  • Ethically produced

Made in Finland, Scandinavia. This product is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique.

Shipping: Europe 6,00 €, Asia and North America 9,00 €.