Handmade reindeer antler  earrings, natural  jewellery , Scandinavian  Finnish design, Nordic happines from  Finland Scandinavia, unique


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Unique and individual Báitilvuohta reindeer antler earrings are designed and handmade by Designer Saga Partanen from Finnish Lapland. Reindeer antler is a beautiful material formed by nature. Reindeers shed and regrow their antlers every year, so they are not harmed during the production of these rare, timeless and  natural earrings.

Báitilvuohta is Northern Sami language, one of the indigenous languages of Europe, for ‘luster’.

  • Material: reindeer antler
  • Surgical steel ear hooks, fastening loops and round plate, suitable for sensitive skin, does not discolour in use
  • Size: height of antler part approx. 1.7–2.0 cm, height of round metal plates 1.0 cm
  • Ecologically and ethically produced

Made in Finland, Scandinavia. This product is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique.