Tarja Rantala, designer

Thought guides my drawings. I let the lines and curves appear. The subjects arise from mental images and memories, from the surrounding life and experiences. From the drawings, I choose an interesting design that speaks to me and feels like my own.

I shape gold and silver with traditional methods. Hannu executes my designs, as well. The stories behind the jewellery can be big or small. Words come to me as I make the piece, and I write them down to accompany the piece in its box. Some of the creative energy is transferred to the wearer merging with their world.


Hannu Rantala, goldsmith

Making a small piece of jewellery requires steady hands, concentration and the ability to see a new shape in the metal. I am intrigued by the essence of the precious metal, its toughness and plasticity. I like doing things with my hands. When I take a piece of gold or silver and start working on it, the model or design is a thought or a picture in my mind. I know what I want it to look like. I set gems to complete the piece.