The sisters of Candle House, Sinikka Blomster and Seija Herukka, have been working as handicraft entrepreneurs in the middle of nature in Pudasjärvi, Finland, since 2007. The inspiration for our candles comes from the four seasons of northern Finland, the beauty of nature, its colors, light and darkness.

One of our most unique designs is Aurora, which forms a lace-like shape as it melts and creates a magical atmosphere, a play of light and shadow. The surface of each Anno Coloria candle is unique. The colored surface of the candle is like a piece of nature. It is like the different tones of the same color on the surface of plants, like the frost on a frosty autumn morning or the sparkle on snow.

Each candle is made completely by hand from quality materials. One of the wonderful qualities of our candles is also the fact that they burn with a steady, luminous flame and do not smoke.