We are a couple that settled together up north after travelling around the world. We started a family, had three wonderful children and became entrepreneurs. The world is still our oyster, but we love the north. We love the breathtaking midnight sun, which makes you not want to go to bed, and the blue hours during the days of the polar night, when the world is like a fairytale. We love the extremes, the intense seasonal variations, the colours and tones. We love the wild Arctic Ocean, the bare beaches, the rugged rocks, the fells and the infinite sky, and especially the freedom.

ArcticQueen® got its start when the draft hit our legs at the shop on cold and windy winter days. Pirjo made a pair of long, colourful leg warmers from wool fabric. Our customers noticed them and started asking where they could buy them. That is where it began and soon expanded: to wrist warmers, collars and ponchos that were easy to throw on for some extra warmth.

The spiritual ArcticQueen® is a homage to all women of the north. In harsh conditions, they have drudged forward through wind and rain with faith in their future. Like the women of our mothers’ generation who laundered nappies through a hole in the ice during the winter. Or the unusual, industrious women of bygone days, who marched to their own beat and were condemned as witches. Perhaps today, they would be called woman entrepreneurs. ;-) All these wondrous and powerful women are the queens of their own lives, real ArcticQueens.

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