The manufacturing of sweets at Alajärvi Farm started in 2012, when we created our first secret toffee recipe. Due to the high demand of our unique, handmade sweets, we started making them full-time at our farm in Noormarkku near Pori, Finland. We chose a name based on our surname as our brand name, since all our unique and first-class sweets are handmade with a lot of heart.

In 2013, we made our first fudge sweets, which our customers loved right away. Thus we started making less toffee and developing a lot more fudge flavours. Over the years, we have grown and developed our selection of sweets to what you see now. We offer our quality-conscious customers handmade fudge as well as handmade vegan fudge with several different flavours

With sweet regards, Alajärvi Farm, Noormarkku, Finland,
IIda and Asko Alajärvi