Seasoned salt grinder with handmade organic garden angelica salt 100 g, from unpolluted nature of Lapland, Finland.


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Delicious seasoned salt is a blend of organically grown garden angelica and crystal salt (rose salt). It is handmade by Herbs & Sweets by Anneli. This family-owned company produces unique food products at Rovaniemi, Finland with ingredients that are either organically grown or picked from the unpolluted nature of Lapland. Salt is full of natural flavor.

  • Ingredients: crystal salt (rose salt), garden angelica 4%
  • Unique taste of pure northern nature
  • Ecologically and ethically produced
  • Size: 100 g grinder
  • Product weight: 220 g

Dill seasoned salt, cranberry powder, cranberry jelly, wild berry sweet mix

Organic garden angelica seasoned crystal salt grinder is manufactured in Finland, Scandinavia.

Natural, organic and vegan cosmetics

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