Reindeer antler necklace with three small round metal plates and suede cord, antler part 3.0–4.0 cm, 1.18–1.57", plates 1.0 cm, 0.39".


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Nordic natural reindeer antler necklace with small round metal plates and suede cord is designed and handcrafted by Lapland jewelry artisan Designer Saga Partanen. Reindeer antler is a beautiful material formed by nature. Reindeer shed and regrow their antlers every year, so they are not harmed during the production of this natural necklace. Unique and individual necklace is environmentally and allergy friendly.

The name of the necklace, Báitta is Northern Sami language, one of the indigenous languages of Europe, for ‘shine’.

  • Materials: reindeer antler, metal plates, suede cord
  • Ethical handmade product
  • Size: height of antler part 3.0–4.0 cm, 1.18–1.57 inch, diameter of round metal plates 1.0 cm, 0.39 inch, adjustable cord max. 65 cm, 25.59 inch.
  • Product weight: 25 g

Made in Lapland Finland, Scandinavia. Nordic natural reindeer antler necklace is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique.

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